The transformative power of enzymes

We use enzymes to transform how our bodies use food.

The status quo

From chemical modification...

The conventional approach to improving nutrition in processed food focuses on reformulated recipes and substituted ingredients.

The result is unsatisfying food that just doesn’t taste as good.

The Zya way biological transformation.

With Zya, what you eat is just the start of the story.

With the help of naturally-derived enzymes, we can enjoy food we love while achieving better nutritional outcomes - after we’ve eaten it.

How we make impact
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Our approach

With small additions comes better nutrition

We’re inspired by the extraordinary powers of natural enzymes.

By harnessing these transformative powers, we make food healthier - at the point of digestion.

The power of enzymes

Our first ingredient

From sugar to fiber

We found an enzyme with a remarkable power: it converts up to 30% of sugar into fiber in our gut. That’s less “bad” and more “good” for all of us.

Your favorite brands, now with Convero.

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What’s next

From now
to next

We are using creative bioscience to apply the same transformational principle to other nutrients - for a future in which everyone can benefit from better nutrition.

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About us

Meet the founders

Zya is the creation of two scientists determined to impact everyday nutrition.

Joshua Sauer

Joshua SauerPhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Niels Wicke

Niels WickePhD

Co-Founder & CSO

“We want to make better 
choices as appealing as possible to as many people as possible.”

Zya is supported by expert advisors, world-class scientists and investors.

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