From natural enzymes comes better nutrition

Enzymes are natural masters of metamorphosis and essential to every cell, in all forms of life.

They propel reactions and enable the absorption of critical nutrients.

Our approach is a simple one

By adding micro quantities of these naturally-derived enzymes to foods we can retain preferred taste profiles while improving nutrition.

Take a cereal bar, for example. A tasty and convenient snack for on-the-go energy, but often high in sugar.

By adding just a tiny amount of our Convero enzyme, up to 30% of that sugar will be converted into beneficial dietary fiber in your gut.

cereal closeup

That means we’re not just offering less “bad” but also more “good.”

Cereal bar

  • Satisfying taste
and texture
  • High in sugar

bar with sweetener

  • Unsatisfactory taste and requires reformulation
  • Less sugar

Cereal bar with

  • Converts sugar to fiber after eating
  • Satisfying taste and texture
blurry background

We are using creative bioscience to apply the same transformative principle to other nutrients.